Birthday Lunch at Logan’s Roadhouse in Troy Ohio

This weekend my family and I along with my sister and her family, and my mom and dad headed out to the new Logan’s Roadhouse in Troy Ohio. I think we all really enjoyed our food and our time there! Except maybe my dad, he was to worried about everyone throwing their peanut shells on the floor! Hah! He even had the waitress bring him a plate for his shells! He worries way too much. I wonder where I get that from? Hmm..

I ordered the salmon, with a salad and the vegetable skewer. It was all delicious! Everyone else was happy with their meals too. My son had chicken strips and mac and cheese. My husband had a burger and fries. My dad said their coleslaw was delicious!

The service was great, we were seated quickly for such a big group, and the wait staff did a wonderful job waiting on us. My nephew ratted me out to the staff that it was my birthday. He’s the cute innocent looking one in the photo.

Well, maybe not so innocent. The waiters and waitresses all came over and wished me a happy birthday, and gave me a “Yeee Ha!” It was all fun in an embarrassing kind of way.

Overall it was a great experience, and a fun atmosphere. I’m sure we’ll be heading back there soon!


We Went To See The Harlem Globetrotters

We went to see the Harlem Globetrotters when they were passing through Ohio last week. We had a great time watching the game, and the show.

We’ve been to see them before, but it’s always fun to watch them, but it’s always fun to watch the show they put on. This time we received some free tickets from the Harlem Globetrotters through Coyne Public Relations, so we were definitely excited to check out another game.

The team mascot, Globie is definitely a big hit with the kids.
The game itself is always excited to watch, you would think their opponents would figure it out after all these years… but I guess then it wouldn’t be as fun to watch…

If you’re in Ohio and you want to catch the Globetrotters, there are still a couple chances left. They’ll be back in Ohio on April 12th and 13th for appearances in Cleveland and Columbus. Check out the Harlem Globetrotter’s schedule for all their stops.

Beautiful Ohio Winter Day

I’m not crazy about snow, but I can handle it when it looks like this. I love it when we have one of these heavy frosts, and everything looks like it’s out of a winter wonderland movie.

Here’s the field beside our house:

And the trees down by the creek.

The pine trees were beautiful. Here’s one of them up close so you can see the delicate frost on the branches.

This last photo is of the dried hydrangea still hanging around in my garden to add some winter interest.

It’s enough to almost make me enjoy winter… almost.

Scenes From The Bradford Ohio Pumpkin Show

The 2009 Bradford Ohio Pumpkin Show is this week, it started Tuesday October 6th, and runs through tomorrow, Saturday October 10th.
bradford pumpkin show
There were definitely plenty of pumpkins!

bradford pumpkin show 2

Even some really big ones!

bradford pumpkin show big pumpkin

My favorite part of the Bradford Pumpkin Show is the painted pumpkins of course. While we were there I took plenty of photos. Check out these painted pumpkin masterpieces.

First up Humpty Dumpty, and a bird house pumpkin.

bradford pumpkin show pumpkins 2

I loved this Cat in the Hat pumpkin with a gourd for a hat, but the photo didn’t turn out the greatest. Bradford pumpkin show painted pumpkinsOr how about a bouquet of pumpkin flowers?

bradford pumpkin show painted pumpkins 2Or a one eyed green monster pumpkin with horns?

bradford pumpkin show painted pumpkin monsterI love the detail in this painted pumpkin scene.bradford pumpkin show painted pumpkin 3

There are also plenty of rides, games, and awesome food to check out. Plenty of pumpkin flavored goodies too, including pumpkin ice cream, pumpkin dumplings, and pumpkin pie.

While we were there we stayed to check out the parade.

bradford pumpkin show parade

bradford pumpkin show parade 2It was on one of the only nights it didn’t rain this year. Looks like they’ll have better weather for the weekend.

You can find more information at the Bradford Pumpkin Show website.

All images (c) Savoring Ohio all rights reserved

Ohio Fall Fun Fulton Farms Pumpkins and Hay Rides

If you’re looking for some fall fun in southwest Ohio, head on over to Fulton Farms. They offer hayrides every weekend to their pumpkin patch, where kids (and adults) can pick their own pumpkin, before they catch another hayride back. Fulton Farm’s weekend public hayrides run from 10 am to 4 pm every weekend through the fall.

hay rideThere are also tons of other activities at Fulton farms that are fun for families. Kids can run through the corn maze, or find their way through the straw maze.

fulton farms

There are tons of great fall photo opportunities for parents to capture their kids in action.

fulton farm corn maze

While they’re there they can also check out all the different animals, and slide down one of the slides. My sister and I went with our kids, and they had a blast last fall! They must have gone through the corn maze at least twenty times.

fulton farm turkey

Fulton Farms also offers school field trip opportunities, and scheduled hay rides for large groups.

I don’t remember how much it cost per person, but I do remember it was well worth the money, the entry fee includes a pumpkin, and all of the activities. The kids had a blast, and they’re ready to go back this year.

fulton farm animals

If you’re looking for more information on Fulton Farms check out their website for more details on their fall activities.

Images (c) L Gerlach all rights reserved

What To Look For In a Reputable Real Estate Appraiser

Home values in Ohio have been in a slump, along with the rest of the nation. Home values in 20 US cities fell by a record annual rate of 18.04% as of October 2008 according to the S and P / Case Schiller Index.

With all the controversy how do you find a reputable real estate appraiser to  provide a safe and sound valuation of your home or property?

According to Stickelman and Associates a leading Ohio real estate appraisal company here are some things you should know when you’re looking for a real estate appraisal company:home values

  • A company that employs experienced and qualified Certified Residential Appraisers.
  • Appraisers with experience, ask how long they’ve been doing this.
  • Certified Appraisers are held to a code of ethics known as the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice.
  • Your final appraisal document in most cases should be at least 15 pages long, with supporting photographs, and maps.
  • Reputable Real Estate Appraisers are required to adhere to federal and state appraisal guidelines. Failure to stick to these guidelines could result in the appraiser being suspended, fined, or the loss of their appraising license.

Ohio Businesses~ My Pizza Cake

My Pizza Cake is a Cincinnati based company that creates cakes that look like they should be delivered by your local pizzeria. IMG_5828

My Pizza Cake sent me on of their unique creations to try this week. My son IMG_5833thought it was really cool that it looked just like a pizza. The “crust” is made of chocolate chip cake, the “sauce” is butter cream icing, the pepperoni and mushrooms are made of chocolate, and the cheese and green peppers are made of icing.

My Pizza Cake was started by was started by Debbie Meyer, a confirmed baker and chocoholic. Debbie’s story has been featured in Taste Cincinnati Magazine, and her cakes were featured on an episode of the Food Network’s Good Eats.

If you’re looking for something fun and unusual, or a great conversation starter have one of their cakes delivered for your next gatherings. The cakes are shipped overnight to most US locations.

The pizza cakes would make a fun gift for a pizza lover, for Father’s Day, or a kid’s sleepover. Slip it in when the pizza is delivered and see who notices first!

For more information, or to order one of their pizza cakes please visit the My Pizza Cake website.

An Ohio Frost

Frosty Flowers

This morning we woke up to an extra heavy Ohio frost all over everything. I love it when Mother Nature gives everything a coat of frosting. We’ve gone from below 0`F last week, to 60`F weather this week, so you just have to enjoy the beauty of Ohio weather.

The evergreens were the prettiest.

Heavy frost on a Fir tree

Here are a couple more shots of the garden. The first one is bittersweet vine all tangled and frosty.

Frosted vines

The last one is the asparagus stalks I left standing from last year.

Frosted Ohio Garden

Looks like quite the tangled mess!

I had to enjoy it, sounds like a nice warm day today, then thunderstorms the next couple days. That’s the price for warm weather in Ohio in February. It is better than the below zero temps and snow from last week.

Hello From Ohio!

Ohio woods

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