Ohio Businesses~ My Pizza Cake

My Pizza Cake is a Cincinnati based company that creates cakes that look like they should be delivered by your local pizzeria. IMG_5828

My Pizza Cake sent me on of their unique creations to try this week. My son IMG_5833thought it was really cool that it looked just like a pizza. The “crust” is made of chocolate chip cake, the “sauce” is butter cream icing, the pepperoni and mushrooms are made of chocolate, and the cheese and green peppers are made of icing.

My Pizza Cake was started by was started by Debbie Meyer, a confirmed baker and chocoholic. Debbie’s story has been featured in Taste Cincinnati Magazine, and her cakes were featured on an episode of the Food Network’s Good Eats.

If you’re looking for something fun and unusual, or a great conversation starter have one of their cakes delivered for your next gatherings. The cakes are shipped overnight to most US locations.

The pizza cakes would make a fun gift for a pizza lover, for Father’s Day, or a kid’s sleepover. Slip it in when the pizza is delivered and see who notices first!

For more information, or to order one of their pizza cakes please visit the My Pizza Cake website.

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