An Ohio Frost

Frosty Flowers

This morning we woke up to an extra heavy Ohio frost all over everything. I love it when Mother Nature gives everything a coat of frosting. We’ve gone from below 0`F last week, to 60`F weather this week, so you just have to enjoy the beauty of Ohio weather.

The evergreens were the prettiest.

Heavy frost on a Fir tree

Here are a couple more shots of the garden. The first one is bittersweet vine all tangled and frosty.

Frosted vines

The last one is the asparagus stalks I left standing from last year.

Frosted Ohio Garden

Looks like quite the tangled mess!

I had to enjoy it, sounds like a nice warm day today, then thunderstorms the next couple days. That’s the price for warm weather in Ohio in February. It is better than the below zero temps and snow from last week.

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